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Royston School site – Royston Mains Venue on the left, Rorston Mains Road in the distance

Photo: D King Date: 19/03/2011

Royston School site
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The name Royston has been in use for many years, apparently first being recorded in 1611. Caroline Park House was previously known as Royston House but was renamed in 1739. The present streets were laid out in the mid 1930s, and houses deigned by the City Architect, E J MacRae, were built.

Royston Primary School (now closed) was also designed by E J MacRae and was opened in 1937.


Royston Mains Avenue

This street was named on 16 January 1936.

Royston Mains Close

This street dates from 1993.

Royston Mains Crescent

Royston Mains Gardens

Royston Mains Green

Royston Mains Place

Royston Mains Road

Royston Mains Street

These streets were named on 16 January 1936.

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