First part of Middle Pier opened 1838 (exact length unclear)


Middle Pier completed 1844. Edinburgh Leith and Newhaven Railway extended to Granton 1846. First section of West Breakwater completed 1849.


Train ferry to Burntisland started operating 1850. Morton’s Patent Slip opened 1850. Remainder of West Breakwater completed by 1853.


East Breakwater completed (seaward section built first, using a temporary bridge from the West Breakwater). Esparto Wharf constructed on West Breakwater in 1863. Caledonian Railway reached Granton 1863.

1870 – 1950

Caledonian Railway extended to Western Breakwater. Infilling of shore end of Western Harbour commenced. Middle Pier extended first with wooden jetty, then with concrete structure for belt coal loading plant (started 1937).

1950 – 2010

Infilling of Western Harbour continues. First used for industrial and commercial units, then in recent years for residential developments.